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  • Message from NSIS Director

    Dear Parents ,

    The education process is the product of the integration and interaction between the parents, the student, the school and the community as a whole. In order to reach the desired goal, we must activate the parent – teacher – Student relationship to help the student to excel in his / her studies. Hopefully we start a new era of development by getting the quality certificate which acquires co-operating together to develop the traditional methods of teaching to modern methods of teaching which aims at the students mental growth and being self-dependent .

    We need to install in the students the spirit of belonging to their country as well as morals and ethics.

    At Nile Sons International School, We provide a quality education that promotes national values. We will inspire hope to ensure students believe in themselves and their future. We are committed to providing students, families and the community with support and guidance by providing engaging and meaningful learning opportunities. 

    Mrs . Holly